The iTOVi Scanner

The iTOVi scanner combines bioimpedance, pressure sensor, temperature, and Bluetooth® technologies to generate personalised wellness evaluations. Use it as a personal tool or within your wellness business.

How it works

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Scan frequency

How often should I scan?

Those looking for supplement recommendations should scan once every 2-4 weeks. This gives users the opportunity to experience the maximum benefits from the products the scanner recommended. Once the user has taken the supplements for the recommended 2-4 week period, a follow-up scan can be conducted for an updated product recommendation report.

Some iTOVi customers like to incorporate a different oil each day, or an “oil of the day”. Users that do this may choose to scan more frequently to learn which oils are most beneficial at that specific time. iTOVi suggests individuals that fall under this category scan every 3-4 days. However, iTOVi also suggests that users incorporate the product recommendations for a longer period to see maximum benefits.


The iTOVi scanner is highly accurate at measuring and displaying reactions from your body. iTOVi’s algorithm follows frequency patterns it sees and takes an overall wellness snapshot at the time of the scan. The scanner determines which doTERRA products are best connected to those frequency patterns.

iTOVi measures the reactionary portion of the body, which changes at surprisingly quick speeds. Once the pattern from the scan is captured, the scanner makes intelligent, and personalised, product recommendations.

If you run a repeat scan within a short period of time, the technology takes into account your previous scans and recommendations. This is very important. As the scanner gathers more information about your body’s responses, the more intuitive the results become. Over time, past information influences the scan less and less, allowing the recommendations to be impacted by your current needs.


iTOVi offer two purchasing options that make buying your own scanner affordable for any financial situation. Each option includes the iTOVi scanner, a USB power adapter, a USB charging cable and a quick start guide.

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**You will be referred to the iTOVi website to make your purchase. I am an exceedingly happy iTOVi user and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending iTOVi; both their product and customer service are brilliant. I will receive a referral credit for your purchase, thank you for this.

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