What’s the grand plan for dealing to infectious diseases into the future?

The reality is that antibiotic resistance is currently outpacing research and development to find new effective drugs. Because of this, humanity is facing a return to the ‘pre-antibiotic era’ (Boire, Riedel & Parrish, 2013). Essential oils are very much on the radar of highly respected research scientists as a source of our new “antibiotics” going into the future.

WHAT’S THE GRAND PLAN FOR DEALING TO INFECTIOUS DISEASES INTO THE FUTURE? antibiotic resistance essential oils doterra essentialoilfamily.co.nz anthea whitlock

In their scientific report Essential Oils and Future Antibiotics: New Weapons against Emerging ‘Superbugs’? published on behalf of the very highly respected The John Hopkins University, Boire et al. (2013) suggest that essential oils may indeed provide us with our “antibiotics” of tomorrow. This is within the context that, today, many infectious diseases that used to be treatable with our current antibiotics are no longer able to be so – as they have developed antibiotic resistance, which continues at an alarming rate outpacing all current research and development efforts.

To combat emerging antibiotic resistance and the rise of ‘superbugs’, new drugs are needed. But the meaty question is where are new antimicrobials to be found? According to Hammer, Carson & Riley (1999) in their Antimicrobial Activity of Essential Oils and Other Plant Extracts study published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology, the antimicrobial activity of plant oils and extracts has been recognised for many years. This particular study also showed that the plant oil extracts of lemongrass, oregano and bay inhibited all organisms at concentrations of ≤2·0% (v/v). Variable activity was recorded for the other 52 oils included in the study.

To be clear, I am not a medical doctor nor professional scientific researcher. Yet I find none of these research findings surprising. Given the anecdotal evidence I’ve actually been witness to in my own and many other households over the past years, I’ve experienced first-hand time and time again how effective different essential oils are. I use the very best quality pure therapeutic grade essential oils available as my first line of defence and have noticed that, since incorporating them into our lives, my family do not often get sick anymore. And when we do, it appears to get sorted and is all over very quickly. While for many other people I do observe the same things frequently seem to drag on for weeks and weeks and sometimes longer. I have also repeatedly witnessed that it is not unusual for even viruses to quake in their boots and smartly depart with the use of certain essential oils. (I have a toddler – so we’ve seen a few!)


My mission is for everyone to think and feel incredible about themselves – physically and emotionally. The highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils reduce stress, support your immune system, help you focus, balance your body and create powerful healing potential naturally. It’s called SELF-EMPOWERMENT!

For samples to try for yourself or further information about using and obtaining effective essential oils for physical / emotional health and healing for all ages from newborn to elderly, please contact me or book an essential oils wellness consultation.


Boire NA, Riedel S, Parrish NM (2013) Essential Oils and Future Antibiotics: New Weapons against Emerging ‘Superbugs’? J Anc Dis Prev Rem 1:105. doi: 10.4172/2329-8731.1000105

Hammer, K. A., Carson, C. F. and Riley, T. V. (1999), Antimicrobial Activity of Essential Oils and Other Plant Extracts. Journal of Applied Microbiology, 86: 985–990. doi:10.1046/j.1365-2672.1999.00780.x

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