To my number one son – my deepest gratitude for this ride we’re on

Yes, of course I knew life was going to change. I just never could have predicted in a zillion squillion years the directions you would catapult me towards…

AntheaGratitudeToSonI knew beforehand that, as a parent, I’d be responsible for teaching, guiding and having probably the biggest hand in shaping the way you will see and experience the world for many years to come (scary, not half!). No one ever told me though, that from the minute you were conceived you’d be gifting to me far more wisdom than I could ever hope to impart to you.

Some things have been no-brainers of course. Nearly five years ago now I chucked the towel in on my dirty, filthy, on-again-off-again (but mostly ‘on’ and kidding myself) 26-year smoking addiction. I didn’t know it at the time but this was just the beginning of a huge wellness overhaul ahead of me. Thanks for that, it was a loooong time overdue. That one was easy to do for you. But not everything you’ve motivated me toward has been quite so clear cut at first…

Like somehow finding the courage to buck with convention in many things, especially in those early days when you were so tiny and I was a brand new first-time mother, nervous and unsure. But taking the road nevertheless of trusting and making more space for mother’s intuition to be felt, heard and honoured.

Or working out (after quite an age, admittedly) that it really is best to loosen my grip on trying to control my entire orbit because, contrary to my own popular belief, I don’t know everything! And coming to the realisation that everything and everyone around me is perfectly imperfect (as am I) if I just let them be who they are and love them for it. We’re all on our own journey with our own timing and twists and humps in the road after all. This has made our family life easier I think.

And discovering, much to my surprise, a whole lot of self-belief I didn’t know I had and the bravery to put myself and my (newly acquired hand-in-hand with motherhood, to my own and others’ amazement!) passion for natural health and healing with essential oils out there no holds barred. In the end, I wanted to change the story I was telling myself for all those years from… “Who am I to…?” – to, in fact – “Who am I NOT to…?”.

I wanted to change that story for you and me both. Because I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone is awesome and it saves a whole lot of trouble later on if we only listen to and begin believing our inner inkling about our incredible worth. And because you inspire me to help play my part in making the world a better place my boy, as it’s your world too. We all have something positive to contribute, this I know. And you continue to inspire me in mine xxx

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My mission is for everyone to think and feel incredible about themselves – physically and emotionally. Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils reduce stress, support your immune system, help you focus, balance your body and create powerful healing potential naturally. It’s called SELF-EMPOWERMENT!

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