Taking essential oils internally – is it safe or not?

Using essential oils internally has some controversy surrounding it, leading to a lot of debate on this topic over recent years. So should you or shouldn't you? Here's the low-down...


Taking essential oils internally - is it safe or not? Anthea Whitlock - Your Essential Oil Family Doterra

A few people lately have queried me on the safety aspects of taking essential oils internally, so if you too are pondering this, then read on.

Taking essential oils internally is certainly not a recent thing; French aromatherapists in particular have been advocating this application method for a very long time. Generally considered the most potent method of application, internal use of essential oils offers powerful effects to the body, and years of past and ongoing research have found that internal usage is a safe and profoundly efficacious application method.

Essential oils are actually already a normal part of most peoples' diet and the human body is well equipped to safely metabolize them. So when concentrated, essential oils can be used as internal supplements for potent and targeted support.

Today, many essential oils are found on the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) list, which affirms the safe use of essential oils as flavouring agents and preservatives. Every substance found on this list has a well-documented history of internal safety. Although essential oils have health applications that extend far beyond flavouring, this list sets a safety framework that can be applied to the internal use of essential oils.

Some people express concerns about damage to mucous membranes when taking oils internally. This fear is unfounded when looked at under scientific scrutiny. Check out the reference article links below for further information.

So, to summarise...
My personal rules of thumb when it comes to taking essential oils internally are:

1. As an adult, I feel comfortable and safe taking Doterra Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils internally, when done so properly. I say this because I can be assured of their purity and quality, but I cannot speak for any other brands (in fact, most brands say not to be taken internally on the label).

2. I always check that the species of oil I intend to use can safely be taken internally, because some essential oils are not recommended for internal use. This is indicated on the bottle itself or by checking my Modern Essentials (book or app) reference guide. If you are using Doterra and don't already have a copy of this I highly recommend you get one as soon as possible.

3. I don't go overboard and keep well within recommended ideal amounts (see Recommended Ideal Amounts article in the references below) for internal use.

Ultimately, it all comes down to personal choice. So if internal use feels good for you - great! If it's something you don't feel comfortable with then there's plenty of other ways you can enjoy the therapeutic health benefits of essential oils.

Please feel free to share this info with others that may be interested. I know there is often a bit of talk about this out there xx

Dotorra Doctors Drinking Oils Anthea Whitlock - Your Essential Oil Family essentialoilfamily.co.nz

Accomplished physicians joined Dr. David Hill on stage at Doterra's Global Convention 2016 to talk about how safe Doterra essential oils are and how doctors use Doterra essential oils in their practices. The session concluded with them all consuming Doterra essential oils internally on stage!

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