6 ways embracing essential oils can improve your life

How could essential oils change your life? I’ve been reflecting on all the ways my own life has vastly improved since I began using essential oils regularly. This high-level list is in no way exhaustive, but gives you a variety of aspects to consider if you’re thinking about embracing truly therapeutic grade essential oils into your own life.


6 ways embracing essential oils can improve your life Doterra anthea whitlock - your essential oil family

1. The physical

Truly pure therapeutic grade essential oils can provide great benefit and support for our physical health without nasty side effects. How does the thought of being empowered with easy-to-use, effective and 100% natural first aid tools feel to you? Or replacing your more conventional pharmaceutical-based medicine cabinet? Additionally, essential oils can be wonderfully helpful for those experiencing longer-term and/or more serious health issues, and often work well as an integrative approach also where needed.

I began using essential oils some years ago as a first-time mother with a baby son. I was super sceptical at first, but was quickly amazed at their effectiveness at supporting my family's physical health. With the small kit of oils I started out with, I was able to deal with most things that arose.

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2. The emotional

Our emotions are part of each of our own very clever and individualised inner guidance systems. It is healthy to truly feel and experience our emotions (rather than quashing them down and preferring to avoid them) as a way of better connecting and understanding ourselves, and working through wherever we are at and why and how we might like to make changes to improve how we are experiencing our life. Essential oils provide powerhouse support for emotional health – in processing and accepting our feelings, but also helping when we find our emotions too overwhelming and we need a loyal sidekick to help us get through.

Struggling with emotions has been very real for me throughout much of my life – from intense sadness and hopelessness at times, to deeply rooted anger, and huge lack of confidence and self-worth. I LOVE how my essential oils support me on this level and help me hugely in changing the way I feel about myself.

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3. The personal

If we are not continually growing and developing positively as individuals it could be said that we are not truly living, but rather, simply existing. Personal growth can embrace many aspects – our connection with ourselves, our spiritual connection, our ability to connect positively with other people – but show me someone who has genuinely embraced essential oils into their life and, perhaps because of the emotional benefits already discussed above, we will also more than likely see someone who is not the same person they were when they began... in fact, I’ll eat my hat if they have not also grown hugely in themselves after a bit.

In the last four years as many friends and I have been using oils on a regular daily basis, we are none of the us the same or stuck in the same dynamics that used to hold us back. We have and are all still changing and growing for the better, becoming more generous and accepting of ourselves and of others. As this happens, so are our lives moving forward in many positive ways as a result.

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4. The environmental

We don’t need to use harmful, toxic nasties in our homes. Most people have no idea the astronomical amount of harmful chemicals they are taking into their bodies even by the time they leave home in the mornings! As well as physical and emotional health aspects, essential oils offer practical, safe, inexpensive and super effective alternatives for how we clean and freshen our homes, our beauty and personal care regimes, and so much more. Detoxing your home and life made quick and easy!

A domestic goddess I will never profess to be! I love to have a clean and tidy house, but I don’t find housework very exciting so it’s not generally super high on my priority list. But because essential oils are such outstanding natural cleaners and so much nicer and quicker to use than chemical cleaners, I LOVE using them in this way. I also make my own beauty and personal care items with my oils, which is not something I ever thought I’d be interested in doing! Cheaper, quicker and way nicer to use. I promise!

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5. The social

When you open your own no-obligation Doterra essential oil wholesale account, you don’t just get access to the world’s finest essential oils at fantastic prices. You get a huge community of other people, both local and around the world, who you have the opportunity to get to know and who want to freely support you. Doterra is a huge, positive and supportive community that you become a part of and where you can genuinely connect with like-minded people.

My own social circle has expanded hugely with the people I have met and continue to meet through Doterra. Most importantly, people who I genuinely like and want to be a part of my life and mine theirs… which is saying a lot, because I have been known for my social awkwardness...

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6. The financial

When you replace what you used to buy from various different places – the supermarket, pharmacy, hair salon, health store, etc. – with purchasing through your own no-obligation Doterra wholesale account instead, the overall savings are often phenomenal. Think hair care, skin care, cleaning products, top quality supplements to support your health... the list goes on. Show me what you currently spend on stuff and I can even draft you a cost comparison personalised for you.

And for those who also decide (completely optional) to share the benefits of Doterra essential oils with your friends, or to grow your own abundant Doterra business, the financial rewards range from supplementing your own essential oil purchases to building a significant residual income.

When I started out with my own Doterra business it would be fair to describe me as quite awkward and a bit standoffish with people. I had no ‘sales’ experience and wasn’t much good at ‘networking’ either. I was also very heavily in debt and felt very stressed and powerless to change my situation. Just a few short years later, I have entirely replaced, even exceeded my former day job income and have freedom and flexibility to travel and basically spend my time how I want to. And even better, it's wonderful to be helping other people and doing something meaningful that really makes a difference.

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