Are you confused about essential oils and how to use them safely?

It's no wonder people get confused about essential oils and how to use them safely. Are you too utterly bamboozled by the instructions on this box? This type of conflicting information is not uncommon. If you are using or considering using essential oils for yourself and/or your family, here's some further insight...


Are you confused about how to use essential oils safely? Doterra Anthea Whitlock - Your Essential Oil Family

If, like me, you feel to embrace Lemongrass oil into your life for a little (or a longer) bit, well… you may just find it helps you on your way of letting go of some old ways of thinking and being, and gives you the courage you need to instead expand past your usual limitations (whether they be self-imposed and exist just in your own mind or not!)....

I get the sense there are perhaps a number of us out there right now – and I am definitely one them! – who are now so ready to begin flowing more freely forward into new adventures and experiences with passion, excitement and with more clarity. If this feels like you then, hey, Lemongrass lady!!!!!!

Lemongrass is uplifting and stimulating, and to me is all about cleansing physically, emotionally and spiritually, and releasing what is no longer needed so can get on with moving forward lighter and with more freedom.


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My big hairy audacious goal is for everyone to think and feel incredible about themselves and be self-empowered. As part of this, I absolutely love freely sharing the benefits and supporting people in using truly therapeutic grade essential oils for everyday natural health and healing. 

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