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OR make contact with Anthea to place your order by phone, email, messenger, text or for help at anytime.
Note: If you are already a member, or working with/connected to a doTERRA advocate, please refer back to them to place your order.

Join Up - Step 1

The Join-up Form will open in a new browser tab. Flick between the tabs to complete the form and continue to view these instructions.

Join Up - Step 2

Here are some tips to help you at each stage:

  1. Select your Preferred Langauge and Country of Residence, then click Continue.
  2. Choose which warehouse and currency you wish to order from - Australian Products or USA Products. If you are based in Australasia this will usually be Australian Products unless you are ordering a large kit only available from the US. Click Continue.
  3. Choose Wellness Advocate as the product membership type. This will give you the maximum 25% off retail on all your purchases with NO OBLIGATION whatsover to order minimum amounts or resell. Click Continue.
  4. Complete the About You section. My number and name - 1069134 Whitlock, Anthea J - should display by default as the Enroller.
  5. Select an Enrollment Kit. Popular options are: Natural Solutions Kit, Home Essentials Kit; Emotional Aromatherapy Kit; Family Physician (Essential Collection) Kit OR Intro Packet (for Membership only option). Click Add To Cart.
  6. Add any other individual products you require by typing the first few letters into My 1st Order Cart underneath your enrollment option that now displays in the table, then select from the correct product name that displays. I would highly suggest adding a Fractionated Coconut Oil for diluting your oils and making up rollerballs. And if you aren't getting the Home Essentials Kit or Natural Solutions Kit you will probably want to add the Petal diffuser.
  7. Click View Totals to check the full amount of your purchase including freight.
  8. Confirm Billing Address. Then click Process Order Now & Continue.
  9. Enter your Credit Card Details. Then click Process Order.
  10. Your doTERRA membership number and confirmed order will display. Congratulations on your first order!