Because not everyone will recognise the beautiful gifts we have to share

Not everyone will recognise or value the unique and exquisite things we have inside ourselves and set out front for others to benefit from. That’s just life. But sometimes I struggle with it.


BECAUSE NOT EVERYONE WILL RECOGNISE THE BEAUTIFUL GIFTS YOU HAVE TO SHARE anthea whitlock - your essential oil family doterra

You could lovingly prepare the most delicious and nourishing feast, even one – if we use our wildest imaginations – with the capacity to heal all wounds and ignite all souls, and you know what? Although you might be renowned for miles around for… let’s just say as an example, your very fine homegrown organic beef, and you fly your meat lover flag proudly… chances are, someday, someone may still gleefully accept your dinner invitation and take an eager seat at your sumptuous table without even the simple foresight to tell you that they are, in fact, vegan. How incredibly crushing for you both.

I’m speaking metaphorically of course. But my point is this: there will always be some folk who just do not, cannot or will not appreciate or even begin to see the beautiful and amazing gifts you have to offer. I come across this in my essential oils business (although when I refer to sharing beautiful gifts, I’m definitely not just talking about essential oils) and have learned not to take it personally. As long as I’m acting from a place of authenticity and not my own agenda, mostly I’m able to let it go pretty easily.

What I find harder – like right now, hence this blog post – is when someone very close to you whom you love dearly is unable, for whatever reason, to really listen to or try to feel you with their minds and hearts open. The Speak To The Hand energy that radiates back at you is excruciatingly bloody frustrating! The realisation that they don’t trust you and are not open to even the slightest possibility that you may actually have insight into some things, important and beneficial things, that they are yet to understand hurts like hell. As a result, I’ve begun questioning the whole basis of this particular relationship, which makes me uncomfortable too.

i-stopped-explaining-myself-when-i-realized-people anthea whitlock - your essential oil family doterra
we-see-what-we-want anthea whitlock - your essential oil family doterra

Admittedly, I can be as stubborn as the next person (and have been so on many occasions!). When I think about those situations when someone was generous in offering up their gifts to me which I was blind to, this is what comes to me… that there probably was a tiny ember or small voice inside me that actually intrinsically knew what they had was valuable for me. But I also knew that choosing to accept it would rock my status quo, my comfort blanket that I’d become so used to wrapping myself tightly up in. That to let even the tiniest fraction of a corner of that blanket slip downward incited such fear for me that I grasped it ever more tightly around myself. I most likely didn’t mean to rubbish or belittle their offering, although to them it may have seemed like that. But I wasn’t ready. And maybe some people will never be ready for whatever it is. Everyone has to make their own choice from their own level of perception at the time.

This week my go-to oils are my Reassuring, Comforting, Renewing and Restful essential oil blends. And Spikenard – honest to goodness I LOVE that stuff. They’re helping me to let things go, to not take disappointments personally. To work through my stuff and to keep in mind that my journey is mine and not anyone else’s, and vice-versa. Everyone is doing the best we possibly can in each given moment in time. I’m choosing to focus on continuing to grow myself and my own beautiful bevy of gifts. Let no one’s flame and unique beauty be diminished xxx

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