Kia ora, I’m Anthea…

My own essential oils journey

I WAS PRETTY SKEPTICAL ABOUT ESSENTIAL OILS AT FIRST… that they would even work or be of much practical use at all.

I was a first-time mum, my son was just 9-months-old at the time. Some weeks earlier I’d put out a request to The Universe at large for natural home health tools that actually worked and which I didn’t need an encyclopedic knowledge to use, when a friend offered me some of her doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils to try.

Much to my surprise back then, I began to experience their profound benefits pretty much straight away. And from there I’ve never looked back, focusing initially on keeping my family healthy and happy during the seasons. When I started out I knew very little, but it was much more straightforward than I expected, I had lots of support from others, and along the way I learnt more and more. I saw first-hand just how incredibly versatile and broad spectrum these essential oils can be.

doTERRA was simply too good to keep to myself. So I began educating and supporting other people who were also interested in learning about how easy it is to implement these natural solutions and supports into their lives. And here I am. I often find myself working with people who want to make positive changes in their life in some way or another, and I just love being part of that!



I want everyone to think and feel incredible about themselves


I know that every single one of us has something amazing to give to the world; a unique gift to share – even if we’re not sure what that is yet. And it all starts (and never ends) by believing in and loving ourselves and one another. Which is not always easy, but for me personally, my oils with their powerful benefits on so many levels really help me on my own journey of loving and valuing myself more, and in providing much needed support.

I also get super excited by people working together to create support, nourishment and awesomeness around one another, in whatever way that may be. For my part here, I love sharing ideas and tools to support our physical and emotional wellness and prosperity – A.K.A SELF-EMPOWERMENT!


As well as a self-confessed essential oils addict…

I’M A HUMONGOUS ADVOCATE OF PERSONAL GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT. In fact, I’ll let you into a little secret – one of  my greatest fears is stagnation. I’m a writer, educator, manifestation station and regular loving Kiwi mum to my most favourite person in the stratosphere.

When I’m not teaching essential oils, you’ll find me having adventures with my son or brainstorming / creating some new idea or other. I also run a communications and educational design consultancy, called CharlieHorse, which focuses on partnering with those whose vision is to lift others.

I love connecting with people and being of service. So drop me a line… by phone or emailvia Facebookor Instagram.


And thanks for being so awesome. Let’s spread more of that glorious stuff around!


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