10 favourite essential oils to boost your self-confidence

I use a variety of confidence building and mindset tools and strategies (which I’d be happy to share more about with those who are interested) but a key one for me is definitely AROMA! Here are my 10 favourite confidence-boosting essential oils.


10 favourite Doterra essential oils to boost your confidence Anthea Whitlock Your Essential Oil Family www.essentialoilfamily.co.nz

 As a child I distinctly remember that when my mum needed confidence or to get her assertive on to deliver some whooppee to someone or something, she would put on her (now) infamous bright red dress A single mother in the 1970s (something of a minority back then) I don’t think life was particularly easy for her, and although I wouldn’t have described her as forceful or even particularly self-confident, the take-no-prisoners colour of this particular frock would somehow help to give her a boost to get whatever she needed to do done.

And now, many years later, I am not so different… I have always preferred to stay in the background and do my own thing, I can feel quite socially awkward and find large groups of people overwhelming. It is only in relatively recent times that I’ve found belief in myself and the importance of what I can do to help others to have the courage to start putting myself out into the world as I am (and therefore to risk criticism from others!)

I use a variety of confidence building and mindset tools and strategies (which I’d be happy to share with those who are interested) but a key one for me is definitely AROMA - although I do love a good red dress too!

Here then are some of my FAVOURITE CONFIDENCE-BOOSTING ESSENTIAL OILS. I like to wear them (not all at once!) topically as a perfume on the insides of my wrists, back of my neck, behind my ears, over my clavicle or across my heart, in my hair mixed with Moroccan oil or I will also often diffuse them in my home too.

1. Bergamot essential oil

The Oil of Self-Acceptance
On an emotional level,Bergamot is said to support those of us who are in need of self-acceptance andself-love, and invites us to see life with more optimism. Indeed, one of myconstant companions if ever I’m feeling “less than” and need to remind myselfthat I AM MORE THAN ENOUGH!

2. Cassia essential oil

The Oil of Self-Assurance
Cassia is said to bring gladness and courage to the heart and soul. Suggested as a wonderful remedy to help the shy and timid, and helping those who hold back and prefer to hide. Try Cassia to restore your confidence and let me know what you think! (NOTE: A 'hot' oil that will definitely require plentiful dilution with a carrier oil for topical use or use as part of a combination with other essential oils in your diffuser.)

3. Roman Chamomile essential oil

The Oil of Spiritual Purpose
A great oil to help find within your heart and soul your purpose and meaning in life to radiate out to the world. As we live from the centre of our being, we find an indescribable power and purpose. When we live this way we also tend to feel calmer and more at peace. How lovely does that sound?

4. Spearmint essential oil

The Oil of Confident Speech
A great oil for infusing confidence when speaking with or in front of others, Spearmint is said to inspire clarity of thought and confident verbal expression. It encourages inner certainty about personal conviction and opinions, and assists in translating that into words. Yes, I have used this plenty!

5. Lavender essential oil

The Oil of Communication and Calm
Like Spearmint, Lavender oil can also aid verbal expression and help to calm the mind, particularly quietening the insecurities that we may feel when risking our true thoughts and feelings. Lavender can help to address a deep fear of being seen and heard. The ultimate calming queen.

6. Invigorating essential oil blend

The Oil of Creativity
Another one of my all-time faves, the Citrus Bliss® invigorating blend is said to help to inspire creative expression by reconnecting us with our inner child and natural creative self. It can motivate us into our true creative power by letting go of old limitations and insecurities. A powerful fire starter, this may help to return motivation and drive when it is lacking.

7. Patchouli essential oil

The Oil of Physicality
Patchouli may be useful in calming fear and nervous tension, stilling the heart and mind to become present in our physical body. It can bring confidence in the body as well as grace, poise and physical strength. Can help with body image distortions and general body dislike.

8. Metabolic essential oil blend

The Oil of Inner Beauty
In addition to supporting the physical aspects of weight loss, the Smart & Sassy® metabolic blend may also be useful in addressing the emotional patterns which underlie and contribute to one’s weight. It can encourage feelings of self-worth and, through acceptance of ourselves, help us rise above self-judgment by embracing the body’s natural beauty and inherent value regardless of weight, shape or size.

9. Outdoor essential oil blend

The Oil of Shielding
The TerraArmour® outdoor blend is said to help us to stay calm in the face of danger or attack, It may be helpful in being able to hold strong boundaries and not allow ourselves to be pushed around or take on the energies of others.

10. Encouraging essential oil blend

The Oil of Motivation
Ideal for those needing motivation and encouragement, the Motivate® encouraging blend is said to assist those whose will has stagnated and needs to be fired up into action again. Fostering confidence to follow through with one’s creative inspirations and intentions and providing strength and spirit to face adversities and challenges. This blend smells amazing!

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